Frantz Simon has been a key and valued part of our Summer Soccer programs at St. Georges. He is very animated, energetic and always sees the bigger picture. Frantz makes the game fun and understands how to best motivate children of all ages. He brings a ton of experience to the table and all of the kids respect his engaging type of leadership on and off the field.

Patrick Dyck, St. George's School, Director of Summer and Adult Programs

The best thing I ever did as president of KLM was to hire Frantz Simon as Technical Director for our small club. Frantz's passion and commitment to soccer is unsurpassed. All his training sessions and teaching programs are fun with measured pace. Frantz has provided one on one coaching to almost every player and coach at KLM and he knows everyone of them by his or her first name. All the kids from the youngest to the oldest enjoy working with Frantz and wish that he could be their team coach for the whole year. Under the direction of Frantz the majority of our players and our teams have significantly improved over last year. I highly recommend Frantz Simon's coaching and teaching program.

Joe Martins, KLM President

I have had the pleasure to work with Frantz and observe him in his capacity as a coach of elite players and club players, both girls and boys, over the past few years. His results with teams and individuals are impressive. He has the ability to teach the skills of the game to young players while at the same time inspiring in them a love of the game. Frantz is a dedicated, professional coach who we are lucky to have in Vancouver and BC.

Peter MacDonald, VP Boys, Kerrisdale Soccer Association

Frantz Simon is a phenomenal soccer coach, with a knowledgeable, passionate, positive approach to the game that all of his players respect and respond to. Players want to be on a Frantz Simon coached team. I have seen first hand that boys and girls want to learn, practice and play well for him. He brings out the best in the kids fortunate enough to have him as a coach.

Randey Brophy, President - Point Grey Youth Soccer Club || Director - Vancouver Youth Soccer Association

This is a man with 'soccer class' that has earned the respect of coaches, players and parents all around this province. This is a respect that has been earned by his actions more than his words; I like what he says and I love what he does: Frantz is a brilliant coach who does well, with all his heart, for our girls and the youth of this district.

Seona Johnston, Past - President of Dunbar || Vice President of VRGSA

A few years ago while attending Peter Zezel's Hockey & Soccer Camp in Toronto; we had the pleasure of meeting Frantz Simon. Frantz is an outstanding person and coach. His exceptional skills and vast knowledge of soccer, combined with his charismatic personality and superb energy level is absolutely amazing! Our son, Darian, had played hockey for several years, however, he had never played soccer. The results of Darian's training with Frantz after the first day were truly astounding. Not only did Darian learn soccer skills, he had a fabulous time while doing so! With hard work, perseverance, and Frantz's guidance, Darian has been able to utilize his soccer skills in his hockey; thus making him a higher caliber player. Working with Frantz Simon is a golden opportunity!

Troy & Sheila Balser, Michigan, USA

Frantz was the coach for our children's 'Simple Simon' soccer daycamps in the summer. The children looked forward to coming back each day and didn't want the week to end!! The skills they learned were not only soccer-related, but important life skills such as team work and respect. Frantz's interaction with the parents was open and honest and the feedback we received was extremely positive. As his supervisor, I found him to be professional, organized and passionate about sharing his skills. Thank-you for your contributions to our community!

Kirsten Close, Recreation Programmer, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

My son is currently a goalie on a U17 gold team. From the age of 11 he has benefited from Frantz's highly skilled ability to assess and develop training to suit his changing needs. He is a dynamic, high energy coach that sets an exemplary example of sportsmanship and mastery of the game of soccer. And his gregarious manner enables the easy growth of a positive and rewarding relationship between player and coach.

Faye Jensen

As a coach, motivator, and role model Frantz is great! His positive upbeat style, incredible energy level, and extremely high expectations of the kids he coaches inspires them all to be their best! One can't ask for much more than this!

Irene Cultum, Coach, Player, Mum

During the 2004 season I had the privilege of being the team manager for the Lower Mainland in the Inter Provincial League. Our Coach Frantz created a very successful team from the players that tried out for this league. I was very impressed with how Frantz managed to get the most out of players and make them this winning team in such a short period of time. Comment from my son: 'Why can't I have Frantz as my coach for the whole year?'

Peter Buree, President, Vancouver Youth Soccer Association

Our two teenage sons, Cory and Ted, participated in a one-week soccer clinic with Frantz this summer. In addition, Frantz' services were retained to coach Ted's U13 soccer team in 2002-3. Both of our boys give him top grades! They learned tremendously from Frantz's coaching, and had a lot of fun in the process. Frantz worked them hard, but--given his positive attitude, in-depth knowledge of soccer, and obvious skill as an effective communicator--a very good time was had by all. Frantz is a natural leader, and is highly respected by those whom he coaches.

Joanie McEwen and Irwin Nathanson

I have known Frantz for several years in my capacity as a team manager and a Divisional Boys Coordinator. I first met Frantz when our U-14 Boys Silver Team was looking for a coach. He was referred to me by a parent whose son had previously been coached by Frantz. In order to observe his rapport with young children, I dropped in unexpectedly on a summer class he was instructing, which included 10-12 year olds, many of whom had never played soccer before. I found him to be very charismatic and successful at keeping this group focused while imparting basic skills and a heavy dose of encouragement. We asked him to voluntarily run some practices which he did. He was well received by our boys and their parents. We subsequently hired him to be our coach.

In his coaching capacity Frantz stresses the physical, psychological and tactical components of the game more than anyone that I have ever observed. He is not only skilled at the game, but loves to share his knowledge and insight. Each child he coaches is encouraged to be a solid and sportsmanlike team player regardless of their skill level.

Frank Jensen

Frantz coached our son (U 14) during a summer soccer league. It was a most enjoyable and also successful season - Frantz taught the boys new skills and encouraged them during the games. His love for the game was obvious and good sportsmanship came first. He earned the respect of the players and parents.

Barbara Buree

Dear Frantz, I really enjoyed watching a pro like yourself run this past week's excellent program. The kids had a great time and gained many valuable lessons. Thank you for the opportunity to observe and learn.

Jim Cryder

Dear Frantz, I'll never forget the buzz Dylan (& I) got from your Simple Simon Soccer camps at David Lam Park so many years ago, as well as the clinic you did for his KLM team at Riley Park that horribly rainy night. I think he's still under your momentum from them!

Darren Brereton

Hi Frantz! Thanks so much for working with Kayla and I, it really paid off. After our training I noticed that my goal kicks were much better. Kayla and I both made our school teams and I made the metro team! Let's keep in touch and hopefully we can do some more training in the summer and coming up year! Thanks again for all your hard work!

Sarah and Kayla

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