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About Us

Frantz is the founder of Fitba with with over 15 years of diverse coaching experiences including:

  • Manager of Player Development for the Ontario Soccer Association
  • Technical Director for Richmond Girls Soccer Association
  • Technical Director for KLM Soccer Association
  • Head Instructor at St. George's School Soccer Camps
  • Head Coach for the High Performance Training Program at St George's Pacific Coast League Men and Women (PCSL)
  • Head Coach and BCSA Learning Facilitator.
  • Played for Ontario Provincial Teams
  • Canada National Teams
  • Professional soccer player for the Toronto Blizzards
  • Some International experience as a player in the Netherlands
  • Canadian Soccer Association - "A" License Candidate (completed Phase 1)
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Our Philosophy

Positive attitude, possession of the ball and playing time are key to achieving success in all aspects of the game, and also key in enhancing individual player development.

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Essentially, players must maintain, while coaches model, a positive and enthusiastic attitude so that knowledge of the game can be conveyed and absorbed at all levels.

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Demonstrating to players that possession and control of the ball are intrinsic elements of the game are vital for continued growth. Engaging in vigorous, passionate team play, which promotes attack and possession of the ball, will strengthen esteem in individuals, foster a strong link between team members and ultimately pave the way for goal scoring.

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Continuous, energized playing time must be afforded to all players in order to develop the peak confidence and high standard of performance necessary to become a successful and outstanding soccer organization.

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